DDR / NVA Flag

DDR / NVA Flag
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DDR / NVA Flag
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DDR / NVA flag.
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The German Democratic Republic (GDR), also known as East Germany, is a former communist state of Europe that existed in the second half of the Twentieth century. The GDR was created on October 7, 1949 by the German Communists allied to the USSR from the Soviet occupied zone in Germany which the Red Army occupied, while the trizone of the western occupying powers was erected in the Federal Republic of Germany. 'Germany. East Berlin, the Soviet sector of the city, was the capital of the GDR.

The GDR was part of the authoritarian regimes that claimed to be "popular democracies", politically affiliated to the USSR within the Eastern bloc. Beginning in 1961, in order to stop the eastward flight of East German citizens from the dictatorship, the Western West Berlin enclave was separated from East Berlin and the rest of the GDR by the wall Of Berlin, which became one of the most famous symbols of the Iron Curtain. The collapse of the communist bloc in Eastern Europe led to the demise of the German Democratic Republic, which was absorbed by the Federal Republic on 3 October 1990, nearly 41 years after its founding, the result of the process of Thus a unified Germany.
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